About the Lab.

The Laboratory of Experimental Medicine is located on the new campus of the John A. Burns  School of Medicine, close to downtown Honolulu right by the ocean.  

John A. Burns School of Medicine • Kaka'ako Campus  Biosciences Building • Medical Education Building • University of Hawaii Cancer Center

John A. Burns School of Medicine • Kaka'ako Campus

Biosciences Building • Medical Education Building • University of Hawaii Cancer Center

The main campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a Class 1 Research University with 20,000 students, is four miles northeast and houses many of our collaborating colleagues.
Researchers in the lab are focused in three main disease areas.

Heart failure

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

Cancer immunology

We are specifically in the ion channels that regulate these disease.

We use a large range of techniques including extensive biochemical, molecular and in vivo tools.


About the Principal Investigator (PI).

Principal Investigator is a phrase used to describe the "head of the laboratory" or "research group leader".

Dr. Alexander Stokes is the PI of the Laboratory of Experimental Medicine, and Assistant Professor in Department Cell & Molecular Biology, John A.Burns School of Medicine.

Dr.Stokes is also Director of University of Hawai‘i Biorepository    


Originating from the UK, Dr. Stokes has an impeccable pedigree from twenty years of experience in research and development. He has an excellent track record of cutting edge research that was established at world-class European and U.S. institutions including Genzyme, Britain's Imperial Cancer Research Fund and Harvard Medical School; and he has published in leading journals. 
In 2000 Dr. Stokes moved to Queens Medical Center, Honolulu HI, and in 2008 he moved to the John A. Burns School of Medicine, University of Hawaii. 
Dr. Stokes recognized that leveraging the tremendous pharmaceutical potential of TRP channels relied on the development of sophisticated in vivo models for their role in human pathology. His approaches and findings transformed the ion channel TRVP1 from a minor target in analgesia to a major player in the billion-dollar cardiovascular market space, and offers real hope to millions of patients afflicted by heart failure. 
In 2013 Dr. Stokes founded Makai Biotechnology with help from Mr. David G. Watumull. 

In the fall of 2017 Dr. Stokes received funding as part of an $11.2M federal grant from National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study ion channel physiology in diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and metabolism.

Dr. Stokes divides his time between, Research, Teaching and Directing the University of Hawaii Biorepository.

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As well as research funding in the form of grants, donations have already helped us to successfully develop the lab, and its research, in an effort toward improving the health of the country and the state of Hawaii. 
There are ways you can support our ongoing efforts. 
You can support research on specific diseases, or support a student, or post doctoral fellow, in the lab. Donated funds can be used for anything from pipette tips to stipends.

If you are interested in a monetary donation, the laboratory has a specific fund that is maintained by the UH Foundation.  You may download their pledge form here. 

Click here to find out more about donating and UH foundation

Click here to find out more about donating and UH foundation

Our fund details are as follows: 
125-2890-4  • Molecular Disease Research • Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology
For more information on how you can help, please feel free to contact us by


Laboratory of Experimental Medicine

Department of Cell & Molecular Biology John A. Burns School of Medicine
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Dr. Alexander James Stokes 

Dr. Alexander James Stokes