The Laboratory of Experimental Medicine is located on the new campus of the John A. BurnsSchool of Medicine, close to downtown Honolulu right by the ocean.  

The main campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a Class 1 Research University with 20,000 students, is four miles northeast and houses many of our collaborating colleagues.

Researchers in the lab are focused in several research areas.

Finding new ways to treat the stressed and failing heart, by regulating ion channels.

Finding new ways to treat diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Immunosurveillance in the progression of cancer.


We use a large range of techniques including extensive biochemical, molecular and in vivo tools.



About Us

As well as research funding in the form of grants, donations have already helped us to successfully develop the lab, and its research, in an effort toward improving the health of the country and the state of Hawaii. 

There are ways you can support our ongoing efforts. 

You can support research on cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure, or support a student, or post doctoral fellow, in the lab. Donated funds can be used for anything from pipette tips to stipends.



• If you are interested in a monetary donation, the laboratory has a specific fund that is maintained by the UH Foundation.  You may download their pledge form here

Our fund details are as follows: 

125-2890-4• Molecular Disease Research • Department of Cellular and Molecular Biology

For more information on how you can help, please feel free to contact us by 

email or phone 808-692-1633.


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